Saved By The Prince

When a man named Jim Schembri, a 37-year-old arborist from London England, was injured in an accident he was about to get the rescue of a lifetime, and wouldn’t even realize it. Crushed by a large falling tree branch, Schembri, was left with a dislocated hip and shoulder so moving him by ambulance from the location was not going to be possible. The only way he could be reached was by helicopter, and it just so happens that Prince William, works as an emergency medic for the East Anglian Air Ambulance who swooped in to save the day.

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In an interview with ITV, Schrembri said, “It wasn’t until they were actually loading me into the helicopter that it clicked,” He was actually being rescued by Prince William himself.

Schrembi joked on the way to the hospital, “Willsy better not be flying this thing.’ To which Prince William replied, “I’ve been holding your head for the last 30 minutes.”

The total obliviousness, he blames on the fact that by the time he was actually in the Air Ambulance, he was on a lot of pain medication. He also credits his “state of mind” with him being brave enough to ask the Prince to visit him in the hospital, to which William obliged and joined him there for almost an hour after the incident.

Man Accident Rescued Prince WIlliam Saved Helicopter Air Ambulance

Image: NBC News

The Prince previously flew helicopters on search and rescue missions during his military service, but now he fly’s doctors and paramedics to medical emergencies. The salary he makes from the East Anglian Air Ambulance he donates to charity.

Article: NBC News