Musical Masterpiece

Martin Molin, a creative genius, has spent the last 14-months constructing his new invention, a creative new machine instrument made mainly out of wood. He calls it the “Wintergatan Marble Machine,” and it “combines a vibraphone, percussion instruments, the neck of a bass guitar, and 2,000 marbles.”

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Molin’s machine uses marbles to make an interesting sounding dance music. Built with the use of “tracks, pulleys, and funnel systems [which] route and reroute marbles” while the machine keeps time and pitch. Using a large crank system the marbles drop through different funnels which Molin plays live “adding percussion and bass, and changing up the melody as he goes.”

Molin, along with his machine is a mesmerizing sight. You can listen to his song in its entirety or purchase at his Bandcamp page.

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Video: Wintergatan