David Binks, father of 2, spent an hour and ten minutes officially dead before medics were able to jump start his heart.

The 28-Year-Old suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland.
His quick-thinking partner Lynette Crozier immediately began CPR, which medics say had a profound impact on his survival.
Paramedics and then hospital staff performed the resuscitation and shocked him 16 times before his heartbeat returned.

His family was told to expect brain damage, but David astounded doctors, and is now back at home recovering.

Lynette Crozier tells the traumatizing scene:

“I just started shaking him. I knew he had stopped breathing and his heart wasn’t beating and I just called for an ambulance.
I started doing CPR and chest compressions until the ambulance got there. It was only for about three minutes but it felt like a lifetime.
Our little girl was shouting for her daddy. I just thought that was it. I thought we’d lost him.

It wasn’t until he got to the hospital that we got him back.”

After surviving the attack in March, David spent five days on a ventilator in the intensive care unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital before spending a further 11 days on a ward and two days at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.
His family braced themselves for the worst, as it was extremely likely David would be left brain damaged.

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They said that if David was to wake up he would suffer brain damage but they didn’t know what the extent would be because he was out for long.
I just couldn’t believe it when he woke up. He’s been so lucky.”
A series of tests were performed on David to determine the cause of the attack, but it is still not known what caused his heart to stop.
David said: “I just went to bed on the Saturday night and I can’t remember anything after that until I woke up in hospital.
I didn’t believe everyone when they told me I’d had a heart attack. I just couldn’t believe it. I’ve been so lucky.
When they carried out tests at the Freeman they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.”

Source: DailyMail