Man Spends Year Dieting So He Could Donate His Kidney To Wife With Lupus

When Tracy Spraggins, 39, from Birmingham Alabama was first diagnosed with Lupus, she and her doctors knew they would need to find her a new kidney, and fast. However, with a waitlist of over 7 years, the chances of her surviving that entire time was slim. Tracy’s husband, PJ, got himself tested to see if he could be the donor, and to everyone’s amazement they found out that he was a perfect match, but there was still one big problem they would have to overcome…

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Lupus is an auto-immune disease which causes the immune system to attack parts of the body. Sometimes it will go after the skin or the joints, but in Tracy’s case, it was attacking her kidney’s function. Doctors put her on a kidney transplant waitlist, but the average wait for someone to get a new kidney at that time was over 7 years; Tracey didn’t have that much time to wait.

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When Tracy’s husband, PJ, heard the news, he decided to go through the week-long assessment test and see if he was a match. To everyone’s shock, and utter amazement…he matched! The news of the kidney match brought joy to the family along with a sense of hope and relief to what seemed to be a hopeless situation for Tracy. But soon after they received the good news, they quickly encountered a problem.

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PJ was overweight, and his blood pressure was much too high to go through the operation. Doctors had to inform the couple that PJ was ineligible to complete the operation. Despite the disappointing news, PJ was still determined. He knew that he may have been the only hope for Tracy, so he decided he had to do what he had to do.

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Over the next year, PJ put himself, and his body, through a rigorous workout routine. He spent time every day working toward getting his body in shape. He continued to workout, with the goal not just of losing weight but to get his blood pressure low enough to be able to make the operation happen. “Finally, in December 2014, they got the green light to go through with the surgery and that February, they both went under the knife together.”

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Thanks to the dedication of her husband to get himself into shape, the surgery was a success. Tracy told Fox News, “The way my kidney function is now, it’s at 100 percent. And it’s at the best it’s ever been.”

“It has just been amazing. To know that I did everything I could to give my wife a better quality of life is just the best feeling. I am so happy.”

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