Ryan Pittman is a man with Down syndrome and a servant of God with a big heart. He has always wanted to help others, even as a child. When he became older, he would finally able to travel to Peru, where he would live his dream, serving Jesus! In Peru, he now stands up in front of a class of students giving his powerful testimony. Before he would give his testimony with the students, no one was aware that people who have Dow Syndrome could read.

He was able to strengthen the faith of many by explaining that we humans all share same the desire to have a relationship with God. “I am different … I have Down Syndrome. But we are all the same because we all NEED God.” Many who have Down Syndrome have hearts that are made of gold and are extremely compassionate. Ryan is able to communicate many emotions throughout this whole video. He truly is a blessing from God.

Source: FellowshipNashville