Man reunites with family

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A Man Reunites With His Mother After Not Seeing Her For 10 Years

Jeff hasn’t seen his mother in 10 years! Never in his life did he imagine he would come home to see her there in his kitchen. His reaction is more than enough to give warmth to the coldest of hearts.

Jeff’s brother Axel got a visa in place for their mom, Madeline, who lives in Libreville, Gabon. (About 23 hours of traveling by plane) Jeffrey had not seen his brother (who lives in South Florida) in about 4 years. Axel let me know the day before that he and his mother would be flying in for a surprise visit. I cleaned the house nice and kept the secret from Jeffrey. Jeffrey and his mom had gotten by with keeping in touch via video chat and frequent phone conversations but 10 years is a long time without seeing each other. Money, distance, the visa, and just life being factors in the lengthy time apart. After we had our son, Christian (her first born grandchild) it was a must that she come and meet him. SURPRISE!!!! Jeffrey is 6’7″and works as a Carpenter. This video is the epitome of what an upstanding man he is. He’s kind, loving, God fearing, patient, hardworking,and a loving father and family man. I’m grateful to God that he’s mine and I’m his💞💞💞. Thank you all for all of your support and interest in our story. God bless, love one another.

Jeffrey was born here in the United States. He was raised back and forth between Paris,France and Libreville,Gabon. His mom was a flight attendant.

It would mean the world to us if anyone could donate to our Gofundme account to help make it possible for Mady to come to the USA for good to be with us. We love you all!!!

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Video: Shannon Slattery