Picture Perfect Proposal

When it comes to marriage proposals, there have been a lot of well thought-out and impressively executed examples. Just the sheer amount of recorded proposals make it an intimidating task for anyone attempting to follow in their footsteps and do something interesting, or unique.

One husband-to-be, named Ray Smith from Grimsby UK, had the same kind of thoughts in mind when he found another interesting way to express his love; and the results were incredible. The 38-year-old delivery driver spent 5 months sneaking cue cards into selfies he took with his girlfriend Claire Bramley bearing the words “Will you marry me?” He documented his images over the months and created something unforgettable.

Video Below
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Some selfies were taken without her knowing…

Hidden Marriage Proposal Card 365 Days

Image: Ray Smith

Some were taken while she slept…

Hidden Proposal Pictures Fiance 365 Days Wedding

Image: Facebook/ Ray Smith

Some she even posed for herself…

Hidden Wedding Proposal Pictures Fiance 365 Days

Image: Facebook Ray Smith

Some were to document special moments…

Hidden Wedding Proposal Pictures 365 Days

Image: Facebook/ Ray Smith

Some were more difficult than others to hide…

Hidden Wedding Proposal Ultrasound 365 Days

Image: Facebook/ Ray Smith

The day has finally arrived…

Hidden Marriage Proposal Wedding Fiance 365 Days Pictures

Image: Ray Smith

Here is the entire video he created with all the hidden proposals:

 It’s incredible that he was able to pull this off without even a hint of what he was up to.
Good Job, Ray.

Article: Pulptastic