Woman credits stranger with saving her life after he pointed out mole

Image: Greg Bowker

“Whoever you are that approached me — I am a mum with a young teenage boy. THANK YOU for saving my life. I am truly appreciative of your advice. THANK YOU THANK YOU SIR whoever you are.”

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47-year-old Christine Burnie, from West Auckland, is trying to find the man that saved her life. While in line at a hardware store he had pointed out the dangerous mole on her back.

After being given the all-clear after getting the malignant melanoma removed the previous week, Burnie tells the NZ Herald that she is “excited to be alive.”

Burnie recalls the moment:
“[He] said to me, ‘Excuse me, love, you know you have a black mole on your back you should be really concerned about.’

“At first, I thought he was trying to hit on me — I thought, ‘That’s a nice line.’

“But then he told me his niece had passed away at the age of 25, and I realised he was very genuine and very caring.

“And so after that I made an appointment to see the doctor, and then found out that it was malignant melanoma and it was invasive.”

Burnie tells the Herald that she thought she was going to die.

But after having the 5cm area removed she was given the clear that it was all gone.

“It’s not travelled, which is fantastic.”

She then tried to reach out to the man through a facebook post.

“I just wanted to thank him for saving my life,” she said. “The doctor told me last week that had it been another six months, the outcome would have been totally different for me.

“I said, ‘I can’t die, I’m far too young, and I’ve got a teenager, an only child. I can’t.’ So that was quite frightening.

“So I thought I’d just say thank you to that gentleman.”

Article: NZ Herald