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Taxi Driver Robbed Man Masked Witnessed Cops Sheriff Deputies Cab

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When a masked 18-year-old man, named Victor Martinez-Herrera, decided he was going to flag down a taxi on the street and rob an unsuspecting cab driver, named Ralph Valletta, he must not have considered who might be watching when he did. From a rear-mounted camera in the car, you can see the robber with gun-in-hand yelling furiously at the frightened man, “Give me all your money man! Give me everything you got!” The driver was prepared to do it, but after he took a quick glance in his rear-view mirror, he suddenly realized maybe he should drag this particular robbery on as long as possible.

What the driver noticed, was that sitting right behind them was a Berks County, Deputy Sheriff, and he was literally watching the entire scene unfold right before his eyes. When Valletta finally gave up a total of $11 to the man, which he only had to make change for customers since it was the beginning of his shift- that’s when the lights and sirens in back of them fired up.

The Sheriff’s Deputy cautiously began to walk up to the car to see exactly what was going on. “When he approached the vehicle he heard yelling,” Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht said. “The deputy saw the defendant in the back seat with a handful of money, [but] he couldn’t see the gun at first.”

Knowing he was caught, Herrera yelled out to the officer, “It’s a fake gun!” and put his hands up, complying with all the commands of the officers. Thankful to the officer, Valetta shouted in excitement “You’re a lifesaver, oh my God!”

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Article: KTLA

Video: Nicole Sharek