What Goes Around Comes Around

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”

2 Corinthians 6:9

Whoever said doing positive things for others can’t come back around didn’t know a man named Brice Royer. When Brice was first diagnosed with a form somach cancer, neither he nor his doctors could find the cause for his rare disease. He decided to put a popular principle to the test, doing random acts of kindness for people without expecting anything in return – 11 months after he began doing things for others he was completely cancer free!

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Man Healed After Doing Kind Acts For A Year

Image: VancouverSun

Brice was first diagnosed in 2012 with a tumor that he was told would likely be the death of him. After news of his diagnosis, he became very ill and had to be bed-ridden initially he was in denial over the results. It wasn’t long before he became depressed and even contemplated suicide.

Man Healed After Kind Acts

Image: VancouverSun

In his search for remedies for his illness he read that giving can help people recover from depression, he set off on a yearlong quest to help others.

Over the course of the year, Brice managed to accomplish a pretty big list of things for people. He started the Gift Economy Facebook group, in Vancouver B.C., and gave a woman $4800 to help her pay for rent and other expenses. He received wide recognition for a craigslist ad in which he was offering unconditional love for $0. He made weekly deliveries of organic vegetables to the women’s shelter and even spent the entirety of his Christmas season raising $25,000 to help build solar powered tiny homes for a homeless single mother.

On April 11th, when Brice went in for his MRI at the end of his experiment, his doctors had found that his tumor actually shrunk. Baffled by the findings, they determined hat the results were completely “unexplainable by western science.”

Brice however, knew better, as he explained “Giving is good medicine. I think the reason I am alive today is because of the love and kindness I have received from so many people.” He celebrated his results the very next day by paying for a friend’s car-related expenses.

“It gives me courage to keep doing what I’m doing. It encourages me to keep giving and I’m probably going to give even more.”

Article: VancouverSun