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Where Is Your Fruit?

Recently, a very disturbing post has been making its rounds on Facebook, masquerading as a “Christian” oriented post. The circulating post details an ominous warning to viewers, asking people to “type “Amen” or else “bad luck” might happen to you. Unfortunately, the “bad luck” they associated with their post is actually a picture of a man named Reggie Bibbs. Reggie is a real person, a happy, a charitable and a courageous person. A person that happens to be living with a severe type of facial tumor called neurofibromatosis. Despite Reggie’s circumstance, he is actually thriving and enjoying life. A quick look at his work, his philanthropic commitments, and the fruit of his life proves that despite all that he must contend with, he is making the best of his situation every single day.

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Reggie Bibbs

Image: Facebook/ ReggieBibbs

In the world of neurofibromatosis research, Bibbs is considered a hero. Perhaps no one else in the world has done more to advance the awareness of the condition than him. Living with NF for 50 years hasn’t been easy, what began as small growths on his face has increased over the years into what you see today. NF tumors are painful, and the constant ridicule he experiences from people can be emotionally draining.

Despite his condition, Bibbs has realized his problem might be his purpose, and that purpose was education. So Bibbs along with advertising executive, Lou Congelio, have started a campaign to raise awareness about neurofibromatosis called “Just Ask.” The “Just Ask campaign encourages people to ask questions rather than to make assumptions, to get answers rather than make uneducated posts on Facebook about people and their luck.