Staff Sgt. John York Made Sure He Had Halloween, Christmas, And His Son’s Birthday Covered

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Marine Surprises Son WIth Holidays Before Deployment

Courtesy of Priscilla York

Pricilla York tells TODAY that it breaks her heart seeing her son Bryson, stare out the window, every time he sees his father leave.

“They have an incredible bond,” Priscilla York, 33, told TODAY. “If this happens when his dad leaves for just a few hours, I can only imagine how hard it’s going to be when he leaves for deployment.”

Marine Covers Holidays Before Leaving

Courtesy of Suzanne York

That’s when Sgt. York, 30, decided to cherish the 10 days he had before his deployment by celebrating off of his son’s favorite holidays. This would be his first deployment since having his son.

Marine and son

Courtesy of Priscilla York

Article/Video: TODAY