Mystery Revealed

Perhaps one of the greatest sought after mysteries of people in the world, aside from the origins of the universe and the enigma of life, has always been, what exactly does Mcdonald’s use to make its famous specialty “Big Mac Sauce.” Well, as the world continues to wait for answers to the first two questions, at least one may have finally been solved thanks to a limited-release by a Mcdonalds in Australia. Going on sale for under $5 a bottle, and selling out in less than 15 minutes, Mcdonalds is offering its highly secreted Big-Mac Sauce in bottles to a few lucky Australians.

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Mcdonalds Mystery Secret Sauce Revealed Sells Lucky Customers Big Mac

Image: Fox News

Realizing the rarity of the event, a few shrewd entrepreneurs took the opportunity to purchase as many of the 4000 limited run, of  bottled Big-Mac Sauce as possible. Almost immediately after becoming available to the public, they began appearing on auction sites reselling for as much as 20 times the retail price.

Big Mac Sauce Mystery Revealed Secret Food Sell Big Mac Mcdonalds

Image: Fox News

One lucky seller of the sauce known only as Luke, writes, “This Big Mac special sauce tastes so good I just had to share it with you! Brand new and sealed for freshness.” Last year, the same Mcdonalds restaurant held an auction for only 200 bottles of the sauce and bidding went as high as $18,000! Now that’s one coveted prize I can personally live without.

Article: Fox News