Medical Error Secretly Responsible For 10% Of Deaths In The United States

There is a secret suspect that is killing 10% of Americans in the United States and nobody knows about it other than the ones that are causing it. This hidden danger is responsible for more deaths in the U.S. than drunk driving, respiratory disease, suicides, domestic violence, fires, drownings, and many other main causes of death. “If tracked it would be the 3rd ranked cause of death, only topped by heart disease and cancer.” So what is this obscure reason that is attributed to over 250,000 deaths per year?

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Medical Error Leading Cause Death

Image: NPR

The perpetrator of these American deaths is known as medical error. The reason that no one is really aware of just how much this contributes to the overall death toll is because it isn’t found on death certificates as “a cause of death,” so it never really is official.

These estimated numbers haven’t even begun to scratch the surface and are likely quite low since based on studies that have been done they have yet to look at both “outpatient deaths” as well as” deaths at home.”

A study that was published on Tuesday in the BMJ attempted to expand some earlier estimates and letters by surgery professor Dr. Martin Makary and medical students Sarah Joo, Michael Daniel and Tim Xu, explain that “allowing medical error as a field on the death certificate form would bring the problem out into the open.”

In 2013, while commenting on the Institute of Medicines study, University of Floridas Dr. Frederick Southwick who lost his leg because of medical error said  in the NY Times, “No one should ever have to experience such preventable harm. And yet many people do, roughly a million patients are seriously injured [for this reason] each year.”

Article: Market Watch