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3 Men Lost Sea Deserted Uninhabited Island Help Rescued Found U.S. Coast Navy

Image: ABC News

3 men who went missing on Tuesday, have been rescued after their fishing boat capsized on their way to the island of Weno in Micronesia. U.S. coast guards discovered the men this weekend, trapped on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. But the interesting way the lucky survivors were able to get search and rescue teams to notice them, is something that could come straight out of the plotline of  a movie. Using only what the men had at their disposal, they were able to spell out the word “HELP,” in palm fronds laid along the shoreline, which helicopter teams spotted.

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According to ABC News, “The crew aboard a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft located three men who were waving life jackets near a large improvised “help” sign made of palm leaves on the uninhabited island of Fanadik.” Aside from the “HELP” sign  the men made, they also tried using smoke signals and waving life jackets in order to be seen.

Officials were first notified about the missing ship on Tuesday, which was headed for the island of Weno, in Micronesia. Search teams from far and wide joined in the effort, but it was ultimately a U.S. Navy crew stationed in Japan, that found the men on the uninhabited island.

According to reports, the men were stuck on the island for at least  3 days before their dramatic rescue.

Article: ABC News