Biological Assault

Video Below

Shocking new video has surfaced appearing to show a violent confrontation between a teacher’s aide and a student in a Biology classroom, at Bay View High School in Milwaukee. The teacher’s aide has been placed under arrest after violently throwing a 14-year-old student, slamming him into tables, choking him, and yelling expletives- all while the cameras were rolling.

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After the fight began, the actual teacher ran to get help. When security finally reached the classroom, it was still going on, and they had to wrestle the teacher’s aid off of the frightened student. All this happened, while other students in the class watched in disbelief- one was able to take out their camera in order to get the event on film.

The teacher’s aide has been arrested for physical abuse of a child, and the student was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Video: Fox News Via Ben King