Thank God He Realized It Before It Was Too Late!

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Sometimes family members can test us in ways no one else can. Many people in their mid-life, begin to separate and isolate themselves from the family members they don’t get along with. That was the case with a man named Charles Frank, that began to slowly drift apart from his own family. At 21 years of age, he realized that the conflicts between himself and his mother just weren’t going away. Charles’ mother, Dawn Evans, needed help with some home videos she was having trouble transferring to a hard drive. Charles decided to help his mom, but by doing so he would come to a sudden realization that this is what was missing in his life.

One day, when Charles’ mother, Dawn Evans, needed some help transferring old home movies to a hard drive she called Charles. Charles decided it couldn’t hurt to help and took the trip over to the familiar home. Somewhere during the process of helping his mother, watching old home videos and reminiscing about past memories, he realized he had been missing something very important his life.

“I watched every clip, end to end,” he said. “I cried, I laughed, and then I wondered, what happened? Why aren’t we as connected as we used to be?”

When he looking at his recent phone history, he saw that there were 38 unopened voicemails. He checked the messages, and they were from his mother. Apologetically Charles began listening to the recordings. The recorded messages so touched him that he decided to turn them into a compilation video, one which might make you miss your mom as well…

Check out Charles one which might make you miss your mom as well…

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