Mom Honors Baby’s Birth By Spelling Out “Love” With His Umbilical Cord

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A mother who is a Maori, Polynesian person from New Zeland, decided to honor her baby’s birth by having this photo taken. In the photo, the word “Love” is spelled out with the baby’s umbilical cord. The photo shared on Facebook has gained some traction for its beautiful meaning.

The  caption reads:

“Welcome earthside sweet little Harper

As a Maori baby his placenta will now be returned to the land.
The word ‘whenua’ relates to the placenta and to the land. Whenua (placenta) is returned to the whenua (land) with the pito (umbilical cord) the link between the newborn and papatuanuku(mother earth). With this affinity established, each individual fulfils the role of curator, for papatuanuku (mother earth), which remains life long.

How did you honour your placenta?”

Mom Spells Love With Baby's Umbilical Cord

Image: Emma Jean Photography

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Photo/Post: Emma Jean Photography