This Mom Knows Exactly How To Mom!

Kids sometimes try to get away with avoiding household chores, but coming up with clever ideas that will ransom their much valued gadgets or keepsakes is a bright idea that will make mothers happier, since their children will be prompt in pleasing them, since this will assure that they too will have access to their “toys”.

One mother leaves a note to her children, describing the chores that need to be completed, along with a notation that they need to photograph the clean kitchen with the box of crackers that she described, in order to prevent them from reusing an old photograph!  Once they complete their tasks, then she will disclose the WiFi password for the day.

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Clever tips for chores

Image: Aatrox94

If coming up with daily passwords seems like more of a chore to you, than the actual housework, then perhaps you can take away their chargers. You can hold their belongings ransom until the chores are done, and once they are, then you can return it to them, just in time to recharge their devices, before they fully die.

Clever tips for chores

Image: kids activities blog

If perhaps hi-tech devices are not your kids’ distraction, perhaps you can withhold their allowance. Do your chores and get paid, once you do. It’s not too difficult, is it?

Clever tips for chores

Image: Nature Moms Blog

Of course, any of the aforementioned tips can work on anything that you require from your children.

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