Most Americans Are Blind To The Sin Within Marriage

Divorce has been all over the headlines in most news stations! With that break up between  Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Miss Piggy and Kermit, a serious question comes to many Christians’ minds out there.
Is it a serious sin to break up a marriage?
Lets be clear about this, although you might already know the conditions for if and when a marriage’s end is justified: adultery, abuse, addiction or abandonment. But a new Lifeway Research survey has found that fewer than 1/4 of Americans would call any of those conditions a sin.
1 Thousand U.S adults were surveyed and the whopping minority would only call marriage a sin when:
  • There’s adultery (39 percent).
  • The two people no longer love each other (38 percent).
  • One spouse has abandoned the other (38 percent).
  • One spouse is abusing the other (37 percent).
  • A spouse is addicted to pornography (35 percent)
The surveyed people who identified themselves as Christians were slightly seeing sin in those divorcing over abuse (43 percent) or abandonment (43 percent) or pornography addiction (39 percent).

Where does this leave the rest of us faithful Christians? Keep your eyes open at all times brothers and sisters, for the devil is out to destroy your families. Keep God close, and your loved ones in your prayers every single day.