Pathetic Parenting

One Utah mother named Sherrer, 36, did the unthinkable when she decided to leave her special needs 8-year-old son at the Jordan Valley Medical Center. She claimed she was using Utah’s “Safe Haven Law” (which allows newborns up to 3 days old to be surrendered at hospitals and fire stations no questions asked). Her reason for doing such a dastardly deed? She said it was because he was being “rude.”

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Sherrer told KLS News, “I thought that it was okay that we could drop them off and it was a Safe Haven place. I don’t think I’m necessarily a bad mother. I got more like overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure about the Safe Haven laws or what it meant… I really did not know any other way to go about it.”

Police documents indicated that the child walked up to the hospital reception staff with a note that said, “This kid is rude and ungovernable! I do not want him in my house at all!”

Hospital staff contacted the local police and the child was taken into protective custody.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, said “a parent could not abuse the state’s safe haven law and randomly leave their children where they pleased. You don’t get to arbitrarily drop children off at certain institutions.” he said.

Praying for the safety of her other 3 other kids.

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