The Ultimate Decision

Cara Combs Family Makes Decision

Image: Facebook

Cara Combs, the brave Mother of 3 faced the most difficult decision in her life. Either receive treatment for her recently diagnosed Melanoma Cancer or give birth to a healthy newborn. When doctors explained to Cara that treatment could pose a potential health risk to the delivery of her unborn baby daughter, the answer for this mother was clear. Her decision? Wait several weeks until her baby was born before starting treatment for the disease. She was 23 weeks pregnant and decided to postpone treatment for another 5 weeks, giving the baby a successful chance to live.

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In a Facebook post on Nov. 13, Combs herself wrote about the decision she was facing:

I can’t begin treatment while pregnant so I have some tough decisions to make. Against the advice of my oncologist, I am choosing to delay my treatment for three weeks in order to get the baby to 28 weeks. There is no good decision here. We will both be fighting for our lives.

The decision for Cara, however, proved to be too much for her weakened body to handle. Combs died Tuesday morning, Dec. 8, just three days after giving birth.


The Family shared this update on Facebook:

Heaven gained a new Angel this morning. Cara was an amazing wife, mother, daughter and sister. She sacrificed everything so her new little one could live on. She was truly an amazing person and mother. Many prayers and hugs for her family during this difficult time, and continued prayers for baby Shaylin (who is doing well, thanks to Cara)

Cara’s selfless decision for her child is an inspiration to us all.

The Family has set up a Go Fund Me page if you would like to express your support


Article: CBS News