Mother Sacrifices Her Life To Save 2 Girls

One woman gives her life in order to try and save 2 little girls. 51-Year old Mary Creighton launched herself into the water as she saw that two 11 year old girls were drowning in Lake Erie. After the struggle for survival, a police officer and bystander managed to get the girls out of the water. Unfortunately, Mary did not make it.

As WIVB reports, the lake’s waves were 5 ft tall and winds were gusting at a whopping 26.8 mph.  Indeed, it was a treacherous atmospheric situation.

“This type of wave action will literally pull you right out, you get an undertow, I don’t know if those were the circumstances here, but you get large waves and it pulls people out into deeper water.” Nick Mecca, North Evans Fire District Chief

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Source: CBS