Many People On Facebook Have Split Feelings On This Video

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A video that recently began circulating on Facebook which appears to show a mother and her adorable 6-month old baby as they sit by the pool. The tone of the cute video quickly turns ominous, as the baby falls face first into the water. Struggling momentarily to stay afloat the baby quickly rolls over onto her back as the mother doesn’t even make a move. When the baby, still floating on her back begins to whine, her mother then comes to her aid saying “I’ve got you, baby.” The video which has almost a million views has received both backlash and concern, as well as support and encouragement. Thie video is captioned “So hard to watch but every kid should learn this young!”

After a bit of digging it was found that the mother in the video had previously lost her 2-year-old son due to an accidental drowning when he fell off the edge of a boat dock. Another daughter of theirs apparently had learned the same floating maneuver when she was only 8-months old.

Whether or not the video was supposed to show the importance of teaching children to swim or to float on their backs in water, it still does not resolve the fact that it could have turned into a very dangerous situation. What are your thoughts?

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Article: FresnoBee

Video: Dov