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Image: Kvue/ Maggie Downs

Image: Kvue/ Maggie Downs

The birth of your first child is supposed to be a joyous and life-changing experience, but for one mother-to-be named Maggie Downs, from Southern California, that experience was turned into a nightmare that she would likely rather forget. After losing her first child due to a miscarriage, at the word that she was pregnant once again, Downs made sure she did all the right things. She watched what she ate, she took precautions not to bump her belly or fall, she went in for all the proper tests and procedures and when that time finally came she was ready. After being rushed to the hospital to give birth to her baby, Everest, hospital staff came back with some frightening news; Maggie had tested positive for Methamphetamine.

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Methamphetamines? Impossible, she thought. According to Abc news, Downs contended that “the hardest “drug” she had taken during her pregnancy was Tylenol,” and insisted that they test again. But again, she tested positive for Meth.

The hospital staff told her that her baby would need to be surrendered to Child Protective Services. Downs was heartbroken but she refused to give up so easily. She began to wonder what could have been causing the result as she took a breath from her inhaler, and that is when she realized. It was her inhaler.

On the day Maggie’s newborn was ready to go home, they tested him for drugs as well and the test unsurprisingly came up negative. Still, the social worker told them “his hand’s were tied, just expect (CPS) could show up at any time.”

They were allowed to take Everest home, but lived in fear for the next 3-weeks that at any moment he could have been taken away from them. Every knock at the door they worried might be them.

Toward the end of the 3-weeks, a social worker from the hospital called. She explained that further testing had revealed that Maggie was not on drugs.

That day she finally got to feel the joy and excitement she should have gotten to experience on the day.

Article: Kvue