Mother Throws Her Kids Out Window No Way Of Fire Teen Heros Catch Kids Mom Jumps

Bianca Milton, a mother of 2 living in a north Phoenix apartment, had no choice but to throw both of her children out of the window. She had to trust complete strangers to catch her children and save them because her home was going down in flames.

Bianca was trapped on the second story of her apartment. She called for help through her window while Justin Rose and another teenager were passing by. They urged Bianca to throw her children out of the window and into the safety of the teen’s arms.

“What do we do? We’re like lady, put your kids out the window, we will catch them,” said Justin Rose.

“Please catch my babies. They’re everything I have.” -Bianca

Thankfully, the kids and their mother are safe and sound. But there was nothing left of their apartment and their belongings. The Red Cross helped the family by giving them money for clothes and a hotel room to stay at for a week.

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Source: Good Morning America News