Athena Krueger, 33, went home the day after her daughter Amari’s first birthday. She had fought a courageous battle against a rare form of pregnancy-associated breast cancer, also known as gestational breast cancer. She discover this form of aggressive cancer at 15 weeks pregnant. She postponed any chemo therapy to assure her baby girl would be born healthy. Miraculously, Amari was born into the world a happy and healthy little girl.

Over 300 people attended Amari's first birthday party and Athena's final good-bye.

Over 300 people attended Amari’s first birthday party and Athena’s final good-bye.

Athena knew the Lord was calling her home so just the weekend before her death, she orchestrated a large tea party for her daughter Amari, which nearly 300 people attended. Childhood friends who were at her side in her final days knew the celebration was also Krueger’s grand goodbye.

Athena and Amari (Photo: Stephanie Windfeldt)

Athena and Amari (Photo: Stephanie Windfeldt)

The day after the celebration Krueger took a shower, and made peace with what would come next.

“Walked to her bed, held Ben, looked out the window at the sunshine streaming in and said, let me go,” said Pastor Mike Metkowski.

“I think she saw heaven,” said Ben Krueger, her husband.

She died in her husband’s arms, with an enduring love for Amari, the miracle that did arrive. Amari means “God’s precious miracle.”

“It’s awfully tough to be sad when you got her,” said Ben Krueger. “It’s really sad and tough right now but tomorrow the sun will come up again, and we will make the day what it is. It’s what Athena would want.”

Ben Kreuger With DaughterThis story made me an emotional wreck my prayers go out to Athena’s friends and family. It is clear to see that she was loved so much.

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