Image: WKOW

Image: WKOW

A Wisconsin woman did not give it a second when she was given the opportunity to save her child’s life. In return, it is that selfless action that ended up saving her.

While Kerri Evensen was undergoing an MRI as part of some tests to see whether she could donate a portion of her liver to her 4-year-old son Auden, they found something that saved her life.

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Evensen’s doctors found a dangerous anomaly, an aneurysm located near her kidney. This type of aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel balloons up because of a weakness within the vessel. She was showing no symptoms, and if it would have gone untreated, the damage would have been fatal and irreparable.

“It was to the point if we did go through and have another child … the aneurysm could have burst and could have been severely life-threatening,” The doctor told ABC News.

“I know I would never had done any other test to find this aneurysm in time. So he absolutely 100 percent saved my life, by checking … to save his life.” – Kerri Evensen told ABC affiliate WKOW-TV

Now with her aneurysm being treated, Auden and Kerri Evensen to be well enough to undergo the liver transplant later this year. It is now just a matter of days until the expected transplant.

Article: ABC News / WKOW-TV