Muhammad Ali Reached Out To A Suicide Jumper – You NEED To See What Exactly Happened!

“I’m no good, I’m going to jump!”

While many remember Ali for his unmatched boxing skills, silver tongue, and all his activist work, others choose to remember him in his most purest of forms.

When a 21-year-old wanted to jump 9 floors off a Wilshire Boulevard in LA, it was none other than Muhammad Ali that approached this man in a way that not many other people would.

“I’m your brother. I love you and I wouldn’t lie to you. I want to help you.” – Ali yells at the man.

The man had been homeless, jobless and alone for some time and didn’t have a reason to live anymore. After 20 minutes of talking to him, Ali reached deep down into the heart of this man and convinced him to find something to live for:

“I’m going to help him go to school and find a job, buy him some clothes. I’m going to go home with him to meet his mother and father. They called him a nobody, so I’m going home with him. I’ll walk the streets with him and they’ll see he’s big.” – Ali told reporters afterwards.

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You remember people by the good they did while they were of this world. Fame, glory and money all fade away, but the goodness that you did in this world becomes your watermark.

Video: CBSN