Humble Abode

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, has an estimated net worth of 780 Million dollars yet he lives in a trailer park. The curious CEO is serious about leading by example, and him, along with his 2 pet alpacas named Marley and Triton, are single handily changing downtown Las Vegas.

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Zappos CEO Inspirational Life Millionaire Trailer Pets Lamas

Image: Yahoo News

The eccentric Zappos CEO said in an interview with Buisness Insider, that his new lifestyle has “enhanced his creativity.” Saying, “I did it because I wanted to maximize serendipity and randomness in my life.” Moving out of a luxury condo in 2014, he went on to make himself a part of a trailer park community “which he started with $350 million of his own money in 2010.” There he has dedicated himself toward helping to rebuild the neighborhood, of his Zappos’ downtown Las Vegas headquarters.

Multi Millionaire CEO Lives Trailer Park Pet Alpacas

Image: Yahoo

He told Buisness Insider,  “that his favorite aspect of living in the park is the way that all of its residents are comfortable interacting with each other and often have interesting guests.” His pair of alpacas, interesting guests of his own, “live comfortably in a pen outside of his trailer” which he says, “makes for good conversation starters.” Hsieh said, he regularly lets them out to travel around the park due to their generally calm nature.

The Downtown Trailer Park community where he lives rents for around $1200 per month and includes free WIFI and utilities. You can find out more about the community called (DTP) the Downtown Project.

Article: Yahoo