Warning To Parents

Woman Babysitter Kills Crying Child Suffocating

Image: Mercury News

A babysitter named Moriah Gonzales, is in a Pleasanton California courtroom today as she faces charges of child abuse, for the suffocation of a 13-month-old toddler from Livermore. The 20-year-old was taking care of the toddler and attempted to muffle the crying child to get him to stop crying. Perhaps the scariest part of the story, she has been babysitting children now for years.

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Woman Kills Toddler Babysitting Care Suffocate Nanny Cam Caught

Image: Mercury News

A lawyer for the care.com babysitter, William Dubois, said in a statement, that a hidden “nanny cam” had caught the woman in the act, explaining, “The camera was hidden in the boy’s room and shows Gonzales initially holding him face to face and pacing with him to try to calm him down as he cried, Livermore police Officer Taylor Burruss said in a report. In the video, crying could be heard and Gonzales is seen placing her hands closer to the boy’s face and muffling his cry, the documents said. The baby began to squirm and kick and soon went limp, Burruss wrote. Once the child was limp, Gonzales flung him over her shoulder, with the back of his head on her shoulder but facing up, he said. The video shows her putting him back in his crib and leaving the boy’s room, Burruss said.”

The official response from care.com was:

“We are deeply troubled by this incident and our thoughts are with the family. The safety of our community is of paramount importance to us and we have proactively contacted local law enforcement to provide whatever assistance we can in this matter.”

Gonzales plead not guilty and is due back in court next month. We will continue to update the story as it progresses.

These days, we have to be very careful who we entrust the safety of our children with.

Article: Mercury News