Neighbors Decorate Home For Elderly Woman Whose Decorations Were Stolen

Video Screenshot

Video Screenshot

A California neighborhood is making sure this elderly woman has a merry and bright holiday season, despite a minor Christmas setback from a local Grinch.
It’s a real case of a Christmas Grinch! After Natalie Conkel’s light machine was stolen from outside her California home in November, her local neighbors and community rushed to her aid. They helped restore her holiday spirit by decorating her entire house with beautiful new lights.

This was the first Christmas that Conkel is celebrating without the companionship of her husband, he had passed away earlier this year. In turn, such outreach was extra special for her.

“This is wonderful. I [am] really, really shocked and very grateful and very thankful to have such wonderful neighbors,” she told the news outlet. “Now I can celebrate Christmas. Now it will be much better.” She told  KTVU

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Video: KTVU