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Love And Compassion Brought This Community Together To Ensure A Little Boy’s Happiness!

7-year-old Bryan Carroll from Nova Scotia in Canada was unfortunately diagnosed with leukemia last year. Due to his illness, he is refrained from going outside and being within a large group of people, so he ends up staying home almost always.

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A group of about 50 caring and compassionate people around the community got together and began to secretly build a backyard playpen for Bryan, unbeknownst to him and his family. The renovated space now holds new flooring, a firepit, toys, outdoor furniture, a new patio and a swingset for Bryan and his sister to play on. Together, the planning and actual building of the project lasted only 4 days! Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon, both professional hockey players in NHL, visited the finished backyard project the day it was completed.

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The idea to create such a heartfelt gift began when Leanne Christie, a close friend of the Carroll family, had a conversation with them about possibly renovating their backyard. She set up a GoFundMe fundraiser and collected over $3,000 in under a week.

“Now it’s just nice to have friends over and have a place that he can play in and enjoy, and we know that he’s safe.” says Bryan’s father, Sean Carroll.

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