Narrow Escape

The seventeen salt miners were trapped in an elevator shaft 900 feet below the earth in New York Thursday, are free today as officials seek answers. The occurrence happened when the lift that carries the workers below malfunctioned suddenly at Cargill’s Cayuga Salt Mine in Lansing. None of the workers were injured in the incident the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response said.  (Continued Below)

Salt Miners Trapped Elevator Shaft Underground Rescued

Image: Reuters

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The miners were trapped for approximately 10 hours underground as they waited for rescuers. Despite harsh conditions in the deep tunnel the men banded together, huddling up for warmth, and sharing food they brought with them; all of which improved their circumstances dramatically. Once found, each man was brought out one by one.

The Lansing salt mine processes approximately 2 million tons of road salt that is shipped to more than 1,500 locations throughout the northeast United States.

Article: Reuters