Newly Discovered Manuscript Depicts One Amazing Miracle Jesus Performed During His Time On Earth!

Italian Historian and archivist Ignazio Perrucci has found a parchment that is believed to be the first eyewitness account to have ever been recorded of a miracle of our Lord Jesus Christ. Upon studying a first-century document written by the Roman historian Marcus Velleius Paterculus, it is found that it’s author describes a miraculous scene!

The scene depicts a prophet and a teacher by the name of Iēsous de Nazarenus. The prophet has resuscitated a stillborn boy and handed him back to his mother!

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Perrucci was hired by the Vatican authorities in 2012 to look into 6,000 ancient documents that had been uncovered in the Vatican vaults. Never did he imagine what amazing treasure was waiting to be found!

The text found is a narrative of the author’s return journey from Parthia to Rome in 31 AD. The narrator describes numerous events taking place during his trip including a violent sandstorm in Mesopotamia and visit to a temple in Melitta.

However, there is an event within the text that has astounded many. It was an event that took place in the city of Sebaste. The author first describes the arrival of a great leader in the town with a group of disciples and followers. Ring any bells? This caused the lower class people to gather around this great leader. According to Velleius, that great man’s name was Iēsous de Nazarenus. This is a a Greco-Latin translation of Jesus’ Hebrew name, Yeshua haNotzri.

Going on with the text, Jesus visits the house of a woman named Elisheba, who had just given birth to a stillborn child. Our Lord Jesus proceeds to pick up the stillborn, and say a prayer under his breath in Aramaic to our heavenly Father. Much to the crowd’s surprise, the stillborn baby comes back to life immediately!

Could this be actually true?

The manuscript has undergone many tests in order to determine its authenticity. Many of its details including its composition, ink, literary style, and handwritting have all been scrutinized down to the very last atom. The dating analysis also revealed that the sheepskin parchment on which the text is written dates precisely from between 20-45 AD.

Indeed this is a refreshing perspective on the life of the world’s most famous historical character – our savior Jesus Christ. Within the next few weeks, a complete and official translation of the document is going to be made available in numerous languages online.

Article: WorldNewsDailyReport