No matter what tragedies we endure in life, always stay focused on God! He WILL be your strength and comfort!

Jay Siltzer, a TV news anchor, also known as the “morning guy” on WLOS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Asheville, North Carolina, remains faithful to God despite losing both his wife and son to cancer.

Siltzer’s wife, Kelly, passed away in 2014, of leukemia. Now, 2 years later, his eight-year-old adopted son has also, tragically succumbed to cancer.

In 1999, Siltzer too, battled testicular cancer which eventually spread to his spine. Fortunately, chemotherapy and radiation treatments were able to combat the disease, but not without repercussions. Siltzer was left infertile, unfortunately.

In 2000, he married Kelly and adopted their son, Malachi, from Ethiopia, since they could not have children.

When he was asked how he stays strong, despite his trials, Siltzer responded, “I suppose I could ask, ‘Why me?’ but the answer is ‘Why not?’ I’m a person of faith, and I trust good will come from this.”

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Siltzer shared the touching conversation that he had with Malachi, before he passed away:

“You had a terrible start to life in Ethiopia. Then you were adopted. Your mom died from leukaemia. Now you’re dying from brain cancer. How can you be so happy?” Siltzer asked. “And he simply looked at me with those brown eyes and he said because I know God.”

I pray that God continues to comfort Jay Silzer with peace and strength that can ONLY come from Him! May the gift of loving memories sustain him through life, as well.

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