Not A Laughing Matter

When a rusty buck knife was recently turned in to the LAPD, found on the former O.J. Simpson Brentwood estate grounds, many people saw it as the missing piece of the puzzle in the Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman murders. O.J. however,  believes the knife had nothing to do with it, even going as far as joking about the find. According to a retired prison guard, Simpson in Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center, told him, ‘If the knife is rusted, I can’t be busted.’”

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OJ Simpson Joke Found Knife Estate Nicole Brown Ron Goldman Murders Joking Laughing Knife Rusted Can't Busted

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The line itself is a play on Simpsons lawyer Johnny Cochran’s famous line from the trial, “If [the glove] doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” The fact that O.J. Simpson is laughing about the matter could mean that he is confident that the found knife has nothing to do with the murders, “He says almost every construction worker carries one of those folding knives. Anyone could have dropped it.”

OJ Found Knife Property Estate Nicole Brown Ron Goldman Murder Weapon Evidence

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Former lead Detective in the Simpson case, Tom Lange, told CNN, “This isn’t the first knife found, and in fact, several knives [have been] found around the property,”

The prosecution team for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman had always had one thing missing in their arsenal of evidence, which just so happened to be the murder weapon. This knife, if it does turn out to be the murder weapon after forensics testing, could, at least, provide crucial information and closure about what exactly happened that night, and by whom.

Simpson, however, still seems to have nothing to worry about since under the “Double Jeopardy” clause in the Fifth Amendment, “No person shall … be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

Former prosecutor, Marsha Clark, told Dateline NBC, “Honestly, I don’t know whether he would be convicted today” even if they had a murder weapon. Citing people at the time had already made determinations both ways on whether they felt he was guilty or not- the evidence, Marsha believes was rock-solid.

Article: Page-Six