This is such a heart-wrenching story. Please whatever you do, don’t drink and drive. On May 5, 2015, Pennsylvania Police Lt Eric Eslary was driving with his K-9 named Blek. Two men in a van who were intoxicated crashed into his Police SUV head on. Lt Eslary died an hour later at the hospital, with Blek refusing to leave his side. Lt Eslary left behind his wife, Merry Beth, and their six children. Blek would not leave his partners body until Marry Beth arrived. Blek had to undergo surgery from being seriously injured due to the crash.

Although this story is just tragic, things finally took a bittersweet turn for the family. Blek got to go home and spend the rest of his days with Beth, who has dedicated herself to continue to raise him in the memory of her husband. “It was a big comfort to know he’s here and I had at least a part of Eric back with me,” she says, “and He’s Glad to be home, too.”  The police department is said to be planning retirement ceremony for the loyal, faithful, and honorable Blek, whose only duty now is to love and protect his owner’s wife.

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Source: WTAE-TV Pittsburgh