Nikki Hablin and Abbey D’Agostino honored with award.

These two Olympians were selfless during an important race, and they are being recognized for it!

We told you the story of two Olympians that helped one another when they collided, while competing in the Rio Olympics.

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New Zealander, Nikki Hablin, and American, Abbey D’Agostino, both fell during one of their races, during the Olympics. D’Agostino clipped Hamblin, causing her to tumble, but encouraged her to complete the race.

Then, Hamblin, returned the favor when D’Agostino collapsed after her knee buckled, assisting her back to her feet.

The Pierre de Coubertin medal had only been awarded 17 times, prior to Saturday, in all of Olympic history. The selfless runners were honored, not because of their achievements on the field, but because of their outstanding integrity as athletes.

The medal, also known as the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC) Award, was given to the runners after being selected by a jury made up of representatives of the IFPC, those of the International Olympic Committee, their fellow competitors and representatives of the media.

“The D’Agostino and Hamblin story is one of humanity and sacrifice which has already captured the hearts of people across the globe,” the International Olympic Committee shared.

These ladies had a spirit of compassion and giving, that in the end, made them wonderful recipients of the award. They also set an admirable example to young athletes, around the world!

Article: Yahoo