She Was Born With One Leg And Is Now An Outstanding Cheerleader

Sofie Tate never imagined she would continue with her passion of cheerleading after high school. She graduated from Columbus High School this past May, but the story of the one-legged cheerleader didn’t stop there.

She started attending Nebraska Wesleyan University to continue her studies post high school. It wasn’t long before the university cheer coach heard that ever-so inspiring one-legged cheerleader was attending the university.

Nebraska Wesleyan University Cheer Coach Terry Lange saw Sofie cheering on the local news.

“An individual with the limitation that she has, with what she was doing, it was just phenomenal to watch her perform,” said Lange.

It was during last spring that the coach offered Sofie a spot in the cheer try-outs for the university. The other girls were shocked when they saw Sofie crutch into the tryouts. Not knowing how talented she really was, there were even more shocked when they saw her keep up with the choreography just like any other normal cheerleader would do.

Sofie made the squad and her teammates now forget that she is different.

“Honestly most of us don’t even notice that she’s not walking on two legs like everyone else, she just does her thing,”

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Video: KMTV