Observing Motherhood

In Melbourne Australia, a mother named Elizabeth was out for a day at the zoo with her daughter and 13-week-old son Eli. When Eli got hungry, she took him around the corner to breastfeed- away from the prying eyes of the public. Unbenounced to her, as she went around the corner, she was followed by two Orangutans that seemed to take an interest in her mothering.

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Orangutan Mother Baby Nursing Interest Zoo Monkey

Image: Abcnews.net

Elizabeth told 774 ABC News Melbourne, “I went around the corner to be a bit private and I was breastfeeding and this orangutan locked eyes with me and came over to check out what was going on. It started off with just one, then another one came over who seemed to be a bit older and shooed this one off for a little while.”

The older of the two Orangutans watched intently as she breastfed Eli, and gave her an approving nod. It was quite the experience, she explained, “I felt so proud and I felt she was proud of me and … I don’t know. It was just amazing.”

When other people caught wind of what was going on, they all came over to watch the interaction. “They were all just in awe of what was going on,” Elizabeth said recalling the situation, “maybe it is because Eli has red hair, they might have thought I was nursing an Orangutan.”

Article: Abc.net