The survivors of the Orlando Pulse Night Club massacre, will have their hospital fees waived.

It’s difficult to forget the day that we awoke to the news that a massacre had occurred in Orlando, at the Pulse Nightclub, that claimed the lives of 49 people and injured 53.

The Orlando hospitals that treated the victims have decided that they will waive the fees for those people that they treated.

Orlando Health, the nonprofit health-care network that operates Orlando Regional, said in a statement, “Orlando Health has not sent any hospital or medical bills directly to Pulse patients and we don’t intend to pursue reimbursement of medical costs from them.”

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They will not write off all the costs, however. They will seek assistance from charities and community groups, in hopes that some of the debt will be paid off.

Orlando Regional Medical Center, treated most of the survivors and stated that they will seek payment through health insurance plans and funds that were set up for the victims, through city officials.

The total unreimbursed costs, according to authorities, can exceed $5 million.

Article: Orlando Sentinel