Palos Verdes Girl Refuses To Give Up Hope After Suffering Paralyzing Dance Injury

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Eden Hoelscher a 5-year-old from Palos Verdes is a bubbly ballerina. When she is not in school you might usually find her dancing around the house. But one day at home, right around Christmas, Eden, suffered a paralyzing back injury after doing a backbend dance move in the living room. “The injury left Eden paralyzed from the waist down, but her family says Edens spirit has never wavered.”

She was attempting “a bridge (a backbend where you push yourself up from the floor) on our living room floor and then collapsed crying. When she cried that her legs, back and hips hurt, I gathered her in my arms and rocked her, shushing her, telling her to calm down,” her mother Kylee Hoelscher wrote. “But this time, Eden didn’t pick herself up off the ground, dust herself off and go on her next crazy adventure. Thirty minutes after she started crying, she stopped. Her face changed—it kind of filled with wonder—and she told me, “Mom, I feel like my feet are sleeping.” I looked at her body, which seemed to be posed awkwardly on the bed, and told her to move her leg. She stared at it, saying, “I can’t, Mom.”

Eden 5-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed While Dancing Living Room Backbend Hope High Spirit

Image: Gofundme/ StandForEden

Despite her traumatic circumstances, Eden has remained in high spirits. “Anyone who encounters Eden, including doctors, nurses and therapists always have the same response: “If anyone can recover from this, it`s Eden,” Hoelscher posted on a GoFundMe page set up by her family to help with her medical expenses.

Eden hopes that one day she will be able to dance once again, but hopes that her story will be an encouragement as well as a warning to parents. You can read more about Eden’s story, or support her recovery here. “Because of Eden`s spirit and resiliency, we have never lost hope in her full recovery.”

We are praying for Eden and her family that she will make a full recovery.

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