Parents Should Know About This Dangerous New Game

The ice-bucket challenge gave us the first of the sensational internet challenges that teens have create as a way to show off and pass time with friends on social media. But some of the more recent internet challenges, have been getting more and more dangerous.

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Duct Tape Challenge Game Dangerous Teens Children Parents Beware

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Last year, kids created what they called “the knock-out game” where they ran up to unsuspecting people on the street and literally tried to knock them unconscious. Well, a new internet challenge has been issued, and many that are participating in it are finding themselves stuck, (Literally) in dangerous situations. If you are a parent, you will want to be aware of this potentially life-threatening new game.

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The Duct-Tape Challenge is a game requires the participants to be wrapped as tightly as possible in Duct-Tape while they try to escape on their own. Recently, the game has claimed another victim to serious injury. In an attempt to escape the tightly wrapped Duct-Tape around his arms legs and head, the teen fell causing a crushed eye socket as well as brain-bleed, which required extensive and costly surgery.

Teen Suffers Brain Bleed Internet Game Fell Crushed Eye Socket Duct Tape Challenge

Image: wsh DAY4′

Video: wsh DAY4′