Blast From The Past

When David Craig opened up his mailbox a week ago he never expected to find what he found. It was a letter from his son sent from over 11 years ago. The letter was dated March 14th, 2005, and in the upper right-hand corner, where a stamp would ordinarily be, it reads “free mail combat zone.”

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Letter Lost Mail 11 Years Iraq War

Image: The Roanoke Times

The then-Lance Cpl. Lynn Craig of the U.S. Marine Corps had just returned safely from Iraq in September 2005. Unknown at the time to the Craig family, the letter had been lost for over a decade. It was an emotional discovery for Lynn’s Mother, Edith Craig, who describes how she felt when she received it. “It wasn’t addressed to me, but I grabbed it and read it,” even remembering how she worried they were for their son. “It was a tough time of prayers and tears.”

Letter Lost Mail Post Office Iraq War Veteran

Image: The Roanoke Times

The letter sent the family back in time. In the letter, Lynn mentions a close friend of David’s who has since died. He talks to his father about “car stuff, and fixing things,” and at the end of the letter, Lynn tells his father, “You’ll probably hear from me before you get this.”

Letter Lost Mail 11 Years Post Office Iraq War Veteran

Image: The Roanoke Times

Now, nearly 11 years later, the family is grateful he was right.“It’s wonderful to go back 10 years even just to know that he was OK,” Edith said.

Article: The Roanoke Times