Visually Impaired Runner Sets A New World Record In Rio!

Inspiration was radiating from Algeria’s Abdellatif Baka winning the men’s 1500m T13 sprint event. He has set a world record time of three minutes and 48.29 seconds at the Rio Paralympics on Sunday.

What made this race extra special is that the top four athletes all had times that would have won them the gold at the Rio Olympics 2016!

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The T13 classification race is only for the runners who are legally blind but possess the least visual impairment.

Gold medal winner Baka had this to say about his triumph:

“It wasn’t easy to get this gold medal. “I’ve been working one or two years non-stop and it’s been very, very hard for me.”

His time stole the spotlight from USA’s Matthew Centrowitz’s who had a gold-winning time of 3:50.00 in the 1500m race at the Rio Olympics.

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