God Has His Way Of Reaching The Toughest Of Hearts

God has shown the world time and time and again that he can forgive and he will continue to love and care for you if you repent of your wrong doings. Caleb Kaltenbach’s story is nothing short of ordinary. After his parents decided to get a divorce, they both openly came out as gay and lesbian. They received much persecution and no Jesus from overzealous people who called themselves “Christian.” Caleb grew up thinking that all Christians were out to get him. In his high school years, he had joined a Bible study group to familiarize himself with it in order to debunk the scriptures.

Never did he think that God always had a plan for him. He drew closer to the Lord, and the Lord drew closer to him! Today, both his parents are devout Christians and followers of Christ after having such a mess in their lives. It is indeed true that God works in many wonderous ways.

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