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Selfish People Kill Peacocks Taking Selfies Shock China Zoo

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Selfies, they are becoming a more and more dangerous as an extra-curricular activity. With people continuously trying to push the limits on their selfie-taking, the act itself has become somewhat of an extreme sport. There is now an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the deaths and injuries from selfies. The NY Daily News did a story about being more likely to die from taking selfies, than from shark attacks. Now even the animal kingdom can’t catch a break from our bad behavior, as more helpless animals are jeopardy because of the silly selfishness of selfie taking. Last week we posted a story about a band of beach-goers, who killed a baby dolphin as they passed it around for selfies. This week, yet again, a similar story has broken about pair of Peacocks that died from the shock, of being mishandled by people trying to take their precious selfies.

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According to the Shanghaiist, “the incident happened on February 12th, at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park, in Kunming, China, which is home to nearly 6,800 peacocks. That number is down to 6,798 after two of the peacocks died of shock from visitors mishandled the elusive creatures, simply for the reason of taking selfies.

It all happened in an area where visitors are allowed to interact with the birds and feed them, but naturally Peacocks are weary of people, and for good reason it seems. The tourists grabbed the Peacocks making them go into shock, and then even plucked some of the colorful feathers from the stunning animals.

Peacocks Die China Selfies Visitors Zoo Tourists Shock Animals

Image: Youtube/ Newsy World

News of the deaths has sparked outcry, as well as “outrage in China over the incident with some calling for extreme punishment.” Mashable has reported that “one bird died within 30 minutes of being grabbed, despite zookeepers rushing to the birds’ aid after noticing their treatment at the hands of the tourists. The official cause of death is still under investigation, but authorities believe they died due to shock. A zoo representative said this was the first time an incident of this nature had occurred, and that visitors are advised to never touch the animals. He said that although the birds don’t approach people, the tourists lured them with food and grabbed them by their long tails.

Article: Yahoo News

Video: Newsy World