Phil Robertson To Baptize Donald Trump

Phil Robertson to baptize Donald Trump


“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has made the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump an offer to become his spiritual adviser during the upcoming elections. However, before any of that happens, he offered to baptise Trump in order to convince people of his Christian faith.

“I told [Trump] if you really wanted to see something wild, film me baptising you, [and] the evangelicals will swarm you like a mighty throng,” he says during the Values Voter Summit, according to The Christian Post.

Robertson wants Trump to secure the presidency because he is certain that Trump will “make America great again” by helping the country go back to its roots. In fact, all of the ‘Duck Dynasty’ family have pledged their support for Trump because they believe that he is America’s hope for the future.

“Our culture is just churning out this mass of humanity, mostly they get high, they get drunk, and they get laid a lot. We’re trying to get them to turn to God so that they can have finally peace of mind,” says Robertson.

“When you allow men to determine for you what is right and what is wrong, when you allow men to determine what is good and what is evil, when you allow men to determine for you how much your life is worth, how much anybody’s life is worth, you turn those things over to humans instead of vetting through this Bible,” he continues.

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“We work with drug addicts, we work with girls, women who prostitute themselves. If you heard the stories that we sit down and listen to every day… We deal with the ones who perform unnatural sex acts, we convert them, we bring them to Jesus,” Robertson shares.

Article: Christian Post