Sweet Photo Of Dying Dog’s Last Car Ride Will Touch Your Soul



April Kramer, from Florida, has just recently shared a sweet moment she had with her beloved dog, Libra, who had to be put to sleep due to her illness. Her tribute to her dog was that of peacefulness. We can see that the pup was enjoying her last car ride. She has her eyes closed and her snout out of the window, almost as if she knew her end was drawing near and was making peace with herself.

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“It was my last 30 minutes with my dog that I basically grew up with so I wanted one last picture of her before I had to let go. She looked so peaceful and happy. Owning a dog or any pet, for that matter, you have to accept that you will outlive them. It hurts, but you have to know when to let go. This picture shows how beautiful she was, wrinkles and all, and ‘smiling’ until the very end. She was always so happy and loving, I think her face says it all.” – Kramer told HuffPost

Kramer took the heartwarming photo back in 2013, but has just shared it to Reddit this November. She had Libra, who at the time of death was 25-years-old, since she was 8 years old. She was put to sleep a couple years ago because of an inoperable tumor on her lung. In the end, Kramer hopes that by sharing her story, she will help others cope with the difficulties of losing a beloved animal friend.

Huffington Post